Mobile Testing

Are you tired of your applications being installed and then deleted by the user after some time of use? Well, then QA Outsource has got the solution to your problem! Get your mobile applications tested by our testing company to remove are the glitches, bugs, and errors for a user-friendly experience.

QA outsourcing can test your mobile applications’ accuracy on all sorts of mobile devices. We test iPhone/ iPad applications and Android applications as well. We look for bugs and fix them so that your app can run smoothly with high performance on every device without any glitches. We perform:

  • Functional Testing
  • Network speed testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Security testing
  • External and internal interruptions

Improve the functional and non-functional features of your mobile application and identify the loopholes with QA Outsource.

Mobile Testing Service

Our Mobile Application Testing Services

Compatibility Testing

During mobile compatibility testing, it is validated that the application will run seamlessly on different mobile devices and browsers for a friendly end-user experience.

Security Testing

The extent of vulnerability of a mobile application is tested through security testing. The loopholes from where a third party can extract or have access to private information are detected.

Compliance Testing

According to Android and IOS guidelines, the compliance of mobile applications as per the industry rules and regulations is ensured through this test.

Usability Testing

This interprets how the end-user is viewing the application and the issues he is facing with the interface.

Localization Testing

This test determines how much ready is your mobile application to work in another part of the world. The global readiness of a mobile application is tested.

Approach To Mobile Testing

We first analyze the project and the requirements of it. Then we select target devices and plan the testing process and design the test suites. After the completion of the testing process, we analyze the results for problem-solving.

Functionality Checks at QA Outsource

QA Outsource guarantees the flawless performance of an application, and for that, it performs certain tests like:

  • Network testing
  • Audio/ visual testing
  • Touch testing
  • Memory testing
  • Upgrade testing
  • Landscape/portrait view testing
  • Battery drainage testing

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