Automation Testing

QA outsourcing provides you with an Automation Testing Service to improve productivity by decreasing the testing time and providing error-free results because of less manual work. Due to decreased human interactions, the costs are also reduced, and more efficient software is produced.

We Help You:
  • Develop automated test scripts
  • Perform regression tests
  • Access every cycle on different stages
  • Maintain portable and extensible automation testing service
Automated Testing Service

Significance Of Automation Testing

Automation testing could be done without any human interaction all day long and give error-free results. When performing the same test over and over seems a waste of time, Automation Testing comes to the rescue. It saves time and is less costly than manual testing.

Automated Testing Service

Our Approach To Automation Testing

QA Outsource has got an impeccable plan of action for test automation. We ensure the applications are stable and then coordinate with the client and write scripts for automation. We give a demonstration to our clients, time by time, about the whole process, and then after the completion of the project, successfully hand it over to the customer.

Automation Tests We Offer

Unit Testing

Unit tests check the program codes for bugs and errors. In this way, the malformations are caught in the preliminary stages of testing. QA Outsource uses Black Box, Gray Box, and White Box techniques for Unit Testing.

Regression Testing

QA Outsource offers a regression testing service to check the side effects on any part of the application due to an update made on one specific part. We are capable of executing unit regression testing, partial regression testing, and complete regression testing.

Integration Testing

QA Outsource offers integration tests for different software logically grouped. We perform Unit Integration Testing and System Integration Testing in a suitable testing environment.

Performance Testing

To check the amount of load and stress that an application or website can handle, QA outsource offers performance testing. This test checks the speed, request time, network bandwidth, data usage, and other things that indicate an application’s enactment.

Time Crunch And Speed

Agile Software Development and the current era with a time crunch has made it a necessity to speed up the work process. Automation Testing at QA Outsource increases the velocity, and the work is done effectively and efficiently as compared to manual testing.

The Need For Test Automation Frame Work

The automation framework increases the accuracy of the results and condenses the expenditures. The established protocols in an automation testing framework increase the efficiency and make the procedure reusable. Test Automation Frameworks and save from the hassle of redesigning the scripts once a change is made in any part of the application. Maintaining a framework is easier than maintaining scripts.

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