We Can Benefit You With API Testing By

  • Making your software less vulnerable
  • Reducing functional testing time
  • Providing you options to opt for any core language while performing automation testing
  • Provide easy GUI test integration
API Testing Service

API Testing Service

API Testing Service

QA Outsource Offers The Following API Testing Services:

  • Load testing

  • Unit testing

  • Functional testing

  • Web UI testing

  • Security testing
  • Public API testing

How We Do It

  • QA Outsource first analyses the API specification and different documentation regarding the case
  • Then the anticipated results of each test case are designed in the next step
  • A test framework is set up using different tools
  • The coding of test cases is completed
  • The test suites are executed
  • Public API testing

Our API Testing Tools

  • Swagger
  • Soap UI
  • Postman
  • Katalon Studio
  • JMeter

Our API Proficiency

The dedicated experts at QA Outsource are highly skilled with API. Our Test Engineers are trained in SOAP, DevOps, and REST. We at QA Outsource ensure you the finest API results with our professional approach.

Perks of API Testing

To check how well different software is integrated with other services, QA outsource performs the test cases through API testing. API testing has its own perks like:

  • The efficiency of time due to rapid test execution
  • The applications can be accessed without a UI
  • Safety from hacking and malevolent codes
  • Mitigated costs

Our API Test Environment

It is a bit intricate to set up an API test environment because GUI is not present. We configure the servers and database according to the application requirements at QA Outsource. After installing servers and databases, the functional API is called to check if everything is working fine as per the API parameters. Then the test is performed to observe the results.

API Testing Practices at QA Outsource

  • Each test case is grouped according to the category it falls in.
  • All the test cases are independent and there is no concept of test chaining.
  • The declarations of API are mentioned in each test case. The declarations are listed according to their importance in the test.

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