The companies before thought that their security strategies are strong to save their data from digital malware. But with the advancement in technology, hackers have learned new ways to spread the virus. A company’s data is confidential and has to be secure by all means. Thus, to deal with the current situation like a pro, IT businesses are adapting PEN TEST AS SERVICE.

PEN TEST AS A SERVICE is a cloud service that in an instant provides necessary resources to the IT professionals so they can detect, secure, and solve the problems with ease. External parties provide the testing services, and each vendor has its dynamics. Generally, they are up to date in tools, technology, and testers and have good experience catering to cyber-related problems. In contrast, in-house teams need extra capital, more qualified testers, an upgrade of tools and technology, and a good chunk of time. Yet, the companies are still insecure about the quality of their security despite compromising valuable time.

Some companies do not wish to develop their in-house testing because they have to ignore other systems. It, in turn, results in a negative impact on the company’s performance. Also, they don’t want to spend so much on employees as making a deal with the external vendor is cushier, cheaper, and coherent.

Other companies have management and financial problems and cannot afford to deal with such complications. So they omit the entire process.


PEN TESTING AS A SERVICE provides a wide range of offers to companies, from automated to manual to hybrid pen testing services. The budget can vary from yearly to monthly to quarterly. It attracts and assures consumers and builds a stable relationship with the chosen team.

Pen test as a service offers skills in return for the deal. It boosts confidence by providing various platforms. These platforms can correlate and accumulate data from many findings. It is to create a dense report with all the problems, solutions, and feasibilities.

Businesses are moving out of their old shells and adapting to the new environment. Because it poses newer threats that are hard to cater to, the IT companies are becoming more quality conscious of amplifying their profit. And if you step into the dangerous world and wish to thrive, you must protect yourself first.

Moreover, the testing services have unique offers to suit every company. They cover the following services:

  1.  Red team simulation
  2. Wireless network pen-testing (Internal and External)
  3. Network pentesting (Internal and External)
  4. Penetration testing for compliance with regulations/standards like GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.
  5. API pen-testing
  6. Web application pen-testing
  7. Penetration testing on cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS, etc
  8. Mobile application pentesting
  9. IoT/ICS and Embedded system pen-testing
  10. IoT devises pen-testing

The choice of services depends on the company’s requirements. They can choose one or many for full test coverage.

Pentest is famous for giving control to customers. It’s convenient for less stable companies to join the platform, partner with a reputable testing service, and manage their security program. Its cloud platform encourages constant communication between the two groups. Hence, it’s easier for customers to make requests or change the scope.

The testing services also offer automation. But it’s the job of the company’s owner to ensure assessments of tests before automation. Even after that, it requires manual input to see if everything is working. The testers are skilful enough to write in-depth reports. They include all the detected issues, solutions, compromises, and potential risks. They can generate these reports in many formats and by combining many data from different teams.

When an enterprise makes a contract with a PEN TESTING AS A SERVICE, they are confident about the result. And don’t have to worry about the reports’ unwanted influence. Thus, the testing service providers are honest and free from business rivalries.

You cannot hire anyone. It needs meticulous research to search for the best and trustworthy pen testing services. One should not rely on anyone for security confirmation as it’s the most vulnerable aspect of an organization. So the enterprises spend a good chunk of time before choosing the ideal PEN TESTING AS A SERVICE.

pen test as a service


PENETRATION TEST AS A SERVICE is the latest technology and includes automation. There is minimal chance of error in the process. Yet, one can never be sure.

The success of the project depends on the financial stability and management of the company. Because in the long term, enterprises enjoy profits to use in other test cycles. Not all companies can manage such a meticulous testing cycle. Other companies don’t have enough funds to complete the process. They tend to hire low price vendors who either are not skilful enough or are scammers.

In today’s era, penetration service is going on the top. And many companies evolve their strategies. The technology’s design ensures zilch cyber threat and protection of data throughout. The outcome depends on the dealings of the company with the vendor. If you choose the right team with good investments, you are good to go!


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