WHAT IS QA outsourcing?

Software testing is becoming a crucial element of the Software Development Life Cycle. Hiring a third-party vendor for Quality Assurance is QA outsourcing. The enterprises pass their products through advanced testing before the product’s release. It ensures that the enterprise and the product flourish in the competitive market. 



QA outsourcing requires proper planning before execution. Hence, an enterprise should be sure about its decision. It is an exclusive deal with a sophisticated workflow. Does your business have skilled in-house testing? Are you planning for a long-term contract? How many projects do you wish to outsource? Have you found a reputable QA outsourcing company yet?    

Secondly, spend a good time with your chosen company before finalizing the deal. It is vital to have the same objectives as your outsourcing team because it makes future processes unchallenging. 

Then comes the cost and pricing—the prime factor that drives people away or towards QA outsourcing. In general, the payment is on an hourly or monthly basis, depending on the business type. The cost includes office space, office supplies, management, HR, and other extra costs. Besides, there are two ways of pricing:

  • Cost Model: the payment is per resource, and it is the vendor’s job to manage the money.
  • Cost Plus: when the company pays the fixed amount per resource and the additional costs. The add ons include repairing, network issues, and hardware and software requirements.

To practice QA outsourcing is not a hard nut to crack. Many businesses are switching their objectives for a better quality product. It’s a relatively simple road map. If thorough self-evaluation fails to clear your queries, read this article further for essential things to consider; the risk factors and the profits.  

QA outsourcing



In QA outsourcing, the process is divided into different stages. The QA team focuses on the project in the early stages the cycle-including the test cases’ planning and execution. The major benefit is that the work is done before the deadline, and if there are amendments to make, there is still time to complete the testing. It prevents the enterprise from postponing the release date. However, maintaining a strong communication bridge is mandatory. It speeds up the process and eliminates unnecessary changes from time to time. The QA engineers don’t have to start from scratch again and again. They also form the basis of the testing process for future projects. 

An important step of any QA process is risk analysis. It is to identify the potential risk and assess their impact. The enterprises benefit from this process by being able to reduce the risks. Of course, no QA outsourcing product is bug-free, but the engineers ensure to remove major bugs. Having a structured vision and good analysis before executing a plan reduces the probability of risk occurrence. The software testers integrate QA at each stage of the project’s lifecycle to identify the earliest errors. There is continuous testing and retesting using new features in each sprint. Early and frequent testing saves up the cost and time. Again, it is only as fruitful if there is strong communication between the two teams. 

A thing to never forget is about black box and white box testing. It’s a skill test for your chosen QA company. Black box testing has a basic understanding from the user’s perspective. It is blank about how the system works. In contrast, white box testing provides in-depth knowledge of the system. It enables the QA testers to start their work earliest and maintain close communication with the development team. White box testing levels up the efficiency and also recognizes the possible security problems. Thus, an enterprise should have good background knowledge before making a deal anywhere. 

Your QA company would make an offer for automation. Automation can double up the efficiency and save a great deal of time for the QA engineers, but beware of over-automation. Each case should be well-assessed before automation. Sometimes the test cases don’t align with the scenarios, and it needs manual bug detection. Over automation will make all the investments, and the efforts go in vain. 

Last but not least, know your audience. You can only improve the QA process by recognizing the end-product user. It will help to manage the priorities and save the cost, time, and effort accordingly. 

It is not tricky when it comes to QA outsourcing. A thorough analysis of your own business and recognizing the aspects will make the perfect road map for you. By all means, our company would offer you the best services that you are searching for. We will assist you with the necessary services, and you have to be patient while dealing with us. 


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